74mg CBD Flower Eighth Jars (3.5grams)

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Santa Fe CBD introduces our organic, premium grown, hand-trimmed, quality CBD flower. Our hemp flower was cured for 4 weeks and has a nice calming effect. Used for instant relief.

3.5grams of top quality, organic, hemp flower.

THC is less than .3%.

| Angelo

Tasty and effective! You can feel the CBD take effect the moment you light it. Would definitely recommend it to anyone looking for hemp flower.

| John S.

I ordered 7G of the Hempress #2. Was pleasantly surprised by the size of the buds, and overall look. Smell was great, a bit pine-y. Taste was extremely smooth, nothing stood out as far as taste though, but I liked that it did not burn my throat. Felt a nice body relaxation after about .5G joint

5 stars based on 2 reviews